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29 June 2011 @ 01:50 am
waiting for some little wonders  
Hey guys! I hope you still remember who I am.
As always, I 'm not really sure what I should write right now. I mean everything is so ordinary now. =/ I finally passed all my exams*not perfectly but anyway I did*. My own summer starts in 5 days. As last summer I'm going to spend some days in the most beautiful place I've ever seen, St. Petersburg. I just can't wait to see some good friends, take a lot of photos and finally have a perfect time. Btw, if there is anyone from St.Petersburg and you're not afraid of seeing me I would be glad to meet with you. ^_^ Just write to me.
This summer is going to be time of watching movies and reading books :D So, please, suggest me some good movies/TV shows/books. *I'll make a special list in next post =)*

P.S.: I know I haven't posted any graphic for ages. Sorry! =/ Now I just make tumblr banners, so you can see them at my blog.
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Current Music: sam tsui - hold it against me